Carpet Cleaning

  • Deep shampoo cleaning with latest industrial machinery by professional operators


Full Cleaning service

  • To include All carpet shampoo, floor, doors, skirting boards, furniture (inside and outside), Inside of the windows, bathroom (including all the fittings and the de – scaling taps, mixers, showers and the basin), Kitchen all the cupboards (inside and outside), ovens, cookers, new cookers hood filter installed (where possible), fridge, freezer, washing machine, dish washer and etc.


Gold Cleaning Service

  • As the full cleaning services plus all the bed linen, towels etc.


Full Cleaning Services including Curtain Cleaning:

  • As the full cleaning services plus cleaning of all curtains and net curtains.


Gold Cleaning Services including Curtain Cleaning:

  • As the Gold cleaning services plus cleaning of all curtains and net curtains


All prices are subject to VAT.


Other Services:

    • Crown cleaning services provide services using the best cleaning materials and a range of equipment, which enable us to clean all curtains on – site at a very reasonable price.


    • Dry cleaning curtainsOur professional team does professional Dry Curtain cleaning which does not leave any stains on the curtains.


    • Steam cleaning curtains (Onsite Cleaning)Our professional team does Steam Curtain cleaning after which the curtains look fresh, clean and well pressed.


    • Apolhostery, Sofa (Steam Clean or Dry Clean)
      • Our great value Steam Cleaning helps to refresh the sofa fabric so that it looks as new.
      • Our great value Dry cleaning helps to remove the stains as well as it helps to restore it.
      • (As for the leather sofa our professional team uses special products to clean).


    • BlindsOur professional team provides all types of blinds cleaning (including wooden, plastic, aluminum and etc.) For the each type of blinds our team uses the special cleaning products to treat them accordingly.


    • Duvets and PillowsOur team provides the professional cleaning of the items after which they are clean and refreshed. The clean duvets and pillows are beautifully packed.


    • Balcony cleaningCrown Cleaning Services provides the balcony cleaning to the high level of standards


    • Garden cleaningOur team does garden cleaning in a professional way the team removes the rubbish, cuts down unwanted plants and clears the waist that is usually left after the job done.


  • Windows from out side (where possible)Our team provides professional cleaning service from outside the windows, the team uses Electric Window Vac. and specialized cleaning fluids. Our window cleaning coverage is up to second floor.


This service is only available for Hotels, Restaurants and for companies, which have employee uniforms. Crown Cleaning Services will offer you a package deal depending on the size of your contract.

The service also includes free collection and delivery of the items.